Smart City Applications

MİTAŞ Industry is committed to playing a significant role in the arena of smart city applications with its in-house designed and manufactured M-Smart Poles, which generate fit-for-purpose solutions with its modular components, and provide sustainableinfrastructure services by information flow and analysis.

The comprehensive service range of M-Smart poles includes:

  • Programmable lighting / signalization / warning system with color leds
  • Recording and processing images with IP cameras
  • Measuring temperature, humidity, noise, air quality etc. with sensors.
  • Information / data transfer with remote communication system
  • Video playing with LCD display
  • Charging electric cars, wheelchairs and bicycles with charging units
  • Internal communication system with speakers
  • Uninterrupted internet infrastructure and data transfer via Wi-Fi transmitter
  • Location finding and recording of moving objects
  • Rapid and efficient emergency alarm with panic button
  • M-Smart poles have a wide range of applications at outdoor living spaces, social facilities, shopping malls and similar venues.