Surface Coating

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing process is the most efficient and permanent method to protect the steel against corrosion, and MİTAŞ Industry possesses the latest technology and expertise for the best quality galvanized coating for all types of steel structures.

Our galvanizing facilities are fully automated with PLC-PC controlled robotic systems and carry out surface preparation and galvanizing process in closed cabinets equipped with scrubber and dust holding system, thus aiding preventing negative impact on the environment.

The coating process, inspection and tests can be performed in accordance with various international standards such as ISO, EN, ASTM, and CSA, in line with customer requirements.

MİTAŞ Industry executes hot dip galvanizing in line with the requirements of integrated management system –comprised of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001- and EN ISO 1461 standards.


Our powder coating system is especially suitable for the application Duplex Systems (painting on galvanized steel) in accordance with specifications DIN 55633 and BS EN 13438 Standards. At the surface cleaning stage, two sand blasting units and 6 washing baths with nano technological chemicals are used. These chemicals provide environmental friendly pretreatment instead of harmful solutions.

Powder Coating and Painting

MİTAŞ Industry possesses two electrostatic powder-painting units in its Powder Coating Factory, manual and full automatic, which is the country’s largest powder painting facility with its Power-Free conveyor system.

With dimensions reaching 13 meters long, 2,2 meters wide and 3 meters high, the system allows painting of all kinds of bare or galvanized steel structures, as well as other metals such as aluminum.


Metalizing application is also available in the factory as per EN 2063 thermal spraying standard. This is a preferred coating for parts, which cannot be galvanized due to its large dimensions, or chemical composition that may alter during galvanizing.