Micha Factory

Location Aliaga Organized Industrial Zone (ALOSBI), Aliağa, İzmir
Size Open area: 44.000 m2 - Closed area: 11.000 m2 - Total: 55.000 m2
Annual Capacity Production: 108.800 tons Galvanizing: 85.000 tons
Capability Fabrication of angles up to L350x40 mm, HEB-INP profiles up to 600 mm. Galvanizing bath dimensions 7.5 m x 1.8 m x 3.2 m
Production Method Machining (cutting, punching, drilling, hot-cold bending, notching, internal & external heel cutting, flange opening-closing, marking) Hot dip galvanizing
Products Lattice transmission and distribution line towers, telecommunication towers, substation steel structures, solar energy steel structures, railway catenaries, camera portals and other steel structures
Certification EN ISO 9001, TS914 EN ISO 1461