Powder & Wet Painting Factory

Location ASO2 Organized Industrial Zone, Temelli, Ankara
Size Open area: 15.950 m2 - Closed area: 17.750 m2 - Total: 33.700 m2
Annual Capacity Wet Painting Capacity: 6000 ton, Powder Coating Capacity: 12000 ton, Metallized Coating Capacity: 7500 m2, Sandblasting Capacity: 15000 ton
Capability Manual and automated powder coating and wet paint on metal products and galvanized surfaces (duplex system) up to 13 mt in length, using power & free conveyor system. Metallizing application. Environmentally friendly surface treatment with nanotechnological chemicals. Mechanical surface treatment with blast cleaning
Powder Coating Powder coating on metal and galvanized surfaces up to 13 meters long with Automatic Power & Free Conveyor System, and Manual System
Wet Paint Wet paint coating on metal and galvanized surfaces up to 13 mt in length with wet paint booth with water screen.
Metalizing Surface coating with 99.9% purity zinc wire by Arc Spray
Sandblasting Sandblasting on steel surface prior to Galvanizing, Painting and Metalizing. Sweep blasting on galvanized surface before painting application.
Production Method Powder Coating, Wet Painting, Metallizing, Sandblasting
Products Powder and wet painted lattice transmission and distribution line towers, telecommunication towers, substation steel structures, solar energy steel structures, railway catenaries, camera portals, lighting poles, decorative poles, flag poles and other steel structures.
Certification ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001