Welding Factory

Location ASO2 Organized Industrial Zone, Temelli, Ankara
Size Open area: 48.626 m2 - Closed area: 12.904 m2 - Total: 61.166 m2
Annual Capacity Welding: 18.000 tons
Capability Welding: 2 pcs Fanuc welding robot (over 12 mt slider and with 2 positioner), 3 pcs Panasonic welding robot (with 2 positioner)
1 pcs Esab submerged arc welding system (over 12mt slider)
1 pcs Fanuc plasma cutting robot for weld joint preparation.
Production Method Gas-metal arc welding, Submerged arc welding, Tungsten arc welding
Products Welded parts for lattice transmission and distribution line towers, telecommunication towers, substation steel structures, solar energy steel structures, railway catenaries, camera portals and other steel structures