M-Smart Poles

M-Smart lighting poles are functional smart city furniture. It provides sustainable infrastructure services by information flow and analysis. Wireless communicating, central data acquisition & analyses, automatic control of integrated lighting, electrical vehicle charging station, video display for internet based applications, air pollution measurement etc. are some requirements of new raised smart city concept and met satisfactorily by M-smart poles.

M-Smart generates fit for purpose solutions by its modular components. Solar panels, led armatures, hot spot wi-fi providers, cameras, sensors, panic button, chargers or any other component selected among the wide range of equipment is combined easily to figure out the best solution for every unique project. In accordance with architectural environment; steel, aluminum or composite structures are provided with numerous color and textures to be decorative base for limitless functions of it.

  • M-smart reduces energy consumption by improving the control on the lighting system.
  • It contributes in clean energy use by solar panels.
  • It accelerates maintenance & repair operations and decreases the costs.
  • It improves safety conditions by emergency buttons and cameras.
  • It encourages use of electric cars by charging stations.
  • It supports settlement of the disabled in the society thanks to the wheelchair charging station.
  • Even if it disconnected from the city network, it continues to operating online and sending information to the control center. More reliable in emergency cases due to natural disasters.
  • Creating heat and noise maps by analysis of the data collected from the sensors.
  • Establishing infrastructure for smart city management system that can take decisions basing on instant information such as car park management, irrigation system control etc.
  • Camera which can process and analyses images and be integrated to the existing camera system (if any)
  • Opportunity of joint streaming for issues such as meeting point and emergency plans in addition to advertisement by LCD display and speaker controlled by the center.