Structural Fasteners

Structural fasteners include structural bolts (HV), anchor bolts, bolts for wind and solar energy, special fasteners and nuts and washers.

  • Structural Bolts
    Structural bolts are produced as cold forged bolts between M8 to M30 and hot forged parts up to M56x500 in ASTM A325, A194, EN14399-4/3 and DIN 6914 standards, and are hot dip galvanized for corrosion protection. They are used specifically with heavy hex nuts.
  • Anchor Bolts
    Various types of anchor bolts are produced in quality grades of 5.8, 8.8 or 10.9 and dimensions from M8 to M100, such as U Bolts, J Bolts, L Bolts and Threaded Bolts (full threaded and double end) with finishes like hot dip galvanized or Geomet coated, or as non-coated. These bolts are most commonly used in the wind turbines.
  • Bolts for Wind Energy
    The use wind energy is spreading around the world. We produce 10.9 quality grade HV bolts from M24 to M56 for the wind mills, which are supplied with the grade 10 nuts and HV 300 washers, as hot dip galvanized or Geomet coated or as non-coated.
  • Besides HV bolts, threaded bolts in DIN 976 standard can be produced with 100% crack detection test as per special wind power fastener specifications, which are used for foundation baskets and generators in wind turbines. Standard norms such as ISO 4014 and ISO 4017 can be produced as well.
  • Bolts for Solar Energy
    Our fasteners for solar power plant structures have the characteristics of being resistant to the elements, stable, and reliable. A various range of bolts, nuts and washers are supplied for these structures. All bolts conform to ISO 898-1 and nuts to ISO 898-2 for mechanical properties.
  • Special Products
    Special products can be supplied as per customer specification such as step bolts, welding studs, space frame bolts, guard rail bolts, anti-theft bolt and nuts, square-headed bolts, cup head nib bolts, mushroom-headed bolts, pig tails, lifting eye bolts, in dimensions between M8-M72 and up to 3000mm length.
  • Nuts and washers can be supplied in accordance with various international and national standards