Wind Turbine Towers and High Masts

MİTAŞ Industry realizes its contribution to wind power, which is an important component of renewable energy, through manufacturing wind turbine towers, which can be lattice or pole type according to the design, with hot dip galvanized and/or painted/special coated finish.

Wind turbine towers and high masts are designed specifically for wind turbines. We are specialized in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and delivery of small towers for housing 1 KW wind turbines to huge towers for housing 50 MW wind turbines. The wind turbines have rotating blades, which subject towers to varying dynamic loads. These loads can cause the tower to vibrate, thus the wind turbine towers must be designed in such a way that vibration is minimized and vibration levels remain well below levels, which would have the potential to affect the structural integrity of the tower. The towers are also designed for ease of assembly and low installation cost.