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We are the forefront of addressing the evolving needs of the energy sector, providing our customers with innovative energy solutions.


We are the forefront of addressing the evolving needs of the energy sector, providing our customers with innovative energy solutions.


Reliable and sustainable solutions in energy production, transmission, and distribution

Energy transmission and distribution form the backbone of the energy infrastructure. Transmission lines carry electricity from sources to distribution centers and end-users, while substations manage voltage levels, enhance efficiency, and ensure a continuous power flow. This network maintains a stable grid, providing reliable and uninterrupted energy, and supporting the smooth functioning of society. 

Energy Transmission and Distribution Towers

We provide lattice and polygon tower solutions for transmission and distribution lines, integrating the entire production cycle in our factories, including design, load testing, connection elements, galvanization, and painting. As a globally recognized leader, we hold a prominent position among the most respected companies. Utilizing a broad capacity and advanced technology, we enhance efficiency and precision. Our high production capacity, coupled with our commitment to excellence, supports our customers in the energy sector.

AIS and GIS Transformer Structures

Mitaş Industry offers solutions in different design types for AIS, GIS and HVDC substations according to need; It offers its customers a wide range of complete solutions in production and supply with bolted cages, pipes, boxes or special designs. In addition to supply and design, it also provides services for manufacturing and assembly drawings according to customer requirements.

In order to facilitate the assembly of substation steel structures, their connections are designed to be simplified and of higher quality. It is produced by certified teams, welding robots and qualified welders according to European (EN), American (AWS) and Canadian (CSA) standards to meet complex requirements. It ensures quality while shortening production processes and production time.

Capacitor Bank Platforms

Mitaş Industry, which has a wide range of steel products, also includes all connection equipment requirements; It can also provide services in the supply of capacitor bank platforms with grills, railings, stainless steel products and other accessories.

As a result of its close cooperation with global players of the energy sector and its customer-oriented approach, Mitaş Endüstri is among the main suppliers preferred by many customers around the world.

Innovation, Sustainability and Performance Together

Our products, suitable for the energy needs of the future, reflect our commitment to environmentally friendly technology. By following the innovations in the energy sector, Mitaş Endüstri helps our customers increase their operational efficiency and contributes to a sustainable energy future.