MİTAŞ Industry, operating in the field of engineering and manufacturing of steel construction products for energy, telecommunication, lighting, aims to respond to its customers’ changing needs with its qualified human resources, modern and environmentally friendly technology, high capacity and innovative products.


MİTAŞ Industry’s modern and environmentally friendly production and galvanising factories, which are spreaded on 103.000 m² area in ASO Organized Industrial Zone in Temelli, Ankara, work at full capacity.


MİTAŞ Group companies that merged as MİTAŞ Industry has exported 80.000 tons of their products to 76 countries in 2017.


MİTAŞ Industry fulfills its engineering, design and detailing activities in-house for lattice and polygonal type of towers for energy transmission and distribution lines, substations, telecommunication, lighting, aerial cable cars, railway catenaries and other steel towers and structures, and also provides consultancy services to external firms in this respect. 

The qualified engineers perform and carry out their tasks by means of up-to-date sectoral software in line with customer specifications and as per applicable international standards. Among these software are...


MİTAŞ Industry has the expertise and experience in the design and production of the steel towers for energy distribution lines up to 36 kV and for energy transmission lines up to 1200 kV.

The steel towers are designed in lattice or polygonal types in accordance with customer specifications and the applicable international standards.

A prototype of newly designed towers is assembled and inspected, then subjected to load tests at the competent test stations if specified by the customer for design verification purposes so that possible mistakes are corrected before the mass production and...


MİTAŞ Industry designs and manufactures polygonal or circular poles for outdoor lighting, energy transmission and distribution, telecommunication, aerial cable car, advertising, floodlighting, traffic signaling and flags.

The factory, which operates in Ankara, has an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons in its premises spreadind over 38.000 m2 area, of which 12.500 m2 is covered. This factory fabricates products in its automatic plasma, submerged arc welding, bending, plate and pipe laser cutting machines with the best quality and efficiency.

Steel poles are designed in polygonal...


MİTAŞ Industry offers services for the design, production and logistics of steel towers at the world-class standards in the telecommunication industry, being the approved manufacturer by many well-known GSM operators.

The designed and manufactured telecommunication towers are mainly categorized into two groups as lattice type and polygonal type. Ground and rooftop towers can be varied as 3 or 4 legs. Further, radar, communication, TV-FM, satellite, meteorology and observation towers as well as wind turbine supporting systems and special type guyed towers are designed and manufactured according t...


MİTAŞ Industry operates in the design and production of steel structures for AIS and GIS type of substations as well as mobile substations between 11 kV and 750 Kv, capacitor bank platforms, solar energy plant steel structures, railway signalization poles, camera poles, industrial steel structures and any types of accessories thereof in accordance with customer specifications and as per the applicable international standards.

Priority is given to design the products with an optimum number of parts and simple connections with a high degree of rigidness in order to provide easy installation of the...


MİTAŞ Industry, thanks to its technological investments, manufactures precise metal plate products and welded structures for the needs of many industries such as energy, defense and construction.

Operating on a total area of 35,000 m2, of which 16.000 m2 is covered, plate fabricating and welded manufacturing plant has an annual production capacity of 33.000 tons 

All production operations are carried out as cutting, marking, drilling, bending, welding, hot dip galvanising and/or painting of all kinds of structural steels, stainless steels and aluminium materials as per customer sp...


MİTAŞ Industry possesses the infrastructure and expertise for the best quality galvanized coating for all types of steel structures and fasteners, thanks to its 3 units of hot-dip galvanizing facilities having zinc baths between 4.5 and 12.5 meters in length.

Hot-dip galvanising process, being the most efficient and permanent method to protect the steel against corrosion, is carried out by means of dipping the steel products into the molten zinc bath after surface pretreatment and, then subjected to the operations of cooling and/or passivation.

The galvanising factories of MİTAŞ Indust...